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Rosh Hashanah Celebration Ideas | New Things To Do for Rosh Hashanah | Rosh HaShanah: Customs

Rosh Hashanah Celebration Ideas | New Things To Do for Rosh Hashanah | Rosh HaShanah: Customs

There are various ways to celebrate rosh hashanah. Rosh hashanah is celebrated as jewish new year. It is celebrated for 2 days also important festival within it is yom kappur. its high holiday festival. Preparation for this festival starts before a month of festival. 

There are various rituals celebrated and done during the festival. Selichot, ritual objects round challah, apples and honey, torah. let's discuss one by one.

Best Rosh Celebrations Ideas 2016| Jewish New Year Celebaration 2016 | Yom Kippur celebration 2016 

Rosh Hashanah celbrated in numerous ways. Let us discuss one by one

Selichot : Best Rosh Hashanah Celebration Idea 

The meaning of selichot is 'forgiveness'. This means forgive everyone and move on no matter what they did on this occasion celebrate it. THere is special prayer done for this selichot. The prayer starts from first day of rosh hashnah and ends upto second day of rosh hashanah celbration.

Round Challah : Jewish New Year Celebration Idea 

Round challah means 'dough'. It is special twisted loadf of bread eaten by jewish people during this festival.  The challah is very much useful on shabbat. The challah which is taken is round in shape which represent a cycle of rosh hashanah year. 


Synagogues in different parts of the world will celebrate the beginning of Rosh Hashnah very soon. It is one of the most important festivals of Jews, which you can see in the Jewish calendar. Being a primary in the High Holy days, it starts in the early autumn in the northern hemisphere. There are many ways, with which a person can celebrate this festival. Sending wallpapers to the loved ones is one of the best ways. Other than the wallpapers, you can take the below mentioned ways into account:

Wearing white 

While you are going to attend synagogue, light and white are one of the traditional things, you can consider for your clothes. You can wear these colors to symbolize the new beginnings, renewal as well as purity. Most of the Jewish men wear a robe made of white color, known as a Kittel over their normal wearing clothes.

Shofar : Rosh hashnaha Celebration 

Have you ever played the Shofar? While celebrating this festival, you can consider the Shofar, which is one of the ancient instruments used in the music industry. This instrument is made from the horn of a ram. It is used in the Jewish synagogue services on many festivals of Jews, like Yom Kippur, and Rosh Hashnah.

Eat the Apples immersed in honey 

As there are many customs followed in the Rosh Hashnah, you can use any of them. The major custom revolves around eating the Apples. These apples are immersed in the Honey. The slices of an apple are dipped into the honey. It is the old tradition, which is followed by people from the ancient times. Most of the Jewish believed that this fruit had the healing properties. So, it is the best tradition followed during the event of Rosh Hashnah.

Go for Slichot 

If you want to use the Slichot, it is important to know more about it. It is a type of a special holiday service. It is being held in the days or weeks prior to the event of Rosh Hashnah. It is Hebrew for forgiveness. While using this service, you will go through a series of prayers, which helps you in asking for the gift of forgiveness of the God. This service is designed to prepare the worshipper for this festival. Going through this event can help you in getting a fresh start and repentance. On the web, you can collect many prayers and compile in the list so that you can sing prayers, if you can during the service offerings.

Lighting the candles

The candles are other ways to celebrate this festival, which brings light and warmth in the life. The day of the Jewish starts with the setting sun, of course, a candle can be ignited to create a sacred space. You can lighten up the candles. The number of candles is based on the tradition and preferences.

 Rosh Hashnah quotes and sayings online

Of course, people can send quotes to others, who love them most. There is a wide range of Rosh Hashnah quotes and sayings online. Another way to get the latest quotes is to read the books that can be availed in the libraries and on the internet as well. By using the quotes to wish people happy new year, you can bring a sense of closeness and get help you to strengthen your relationship because the quotes can say a lot more about the feelings, you have about others. How you treat others, it can be cleared out with these quotes. The quotes are all about relationship betterment, forgiveness, life repair and many others.
These were the rosh hashanah celebration ideas so far,let us know your favorite jewsih new year ideas and customs.


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